BRYAN THOMAS. Soul rock singer songwriter. Albany, New York.


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1369 Lights (2008)

1369 Lights

1369 LIGHTS is the fifth album from soul rock singer-songwriter Bryan Thomas.

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The album features the new band THE BUGGY JIVE. The Buggy Jive is: BT: lead vox, acoustic guitar; JENNIFER: electric guitar; CLEOPATRA JOANZ: bass guitar; LADY MAC: snare, hi-hat, kick drum, tin can.

All songs by Bryan Thomas except "Sticky" by Bryan Thomas and Zoe Ferrari Thomas. "Lights" inspired by Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Photography and design by Jean-Luc for This album was recorded in a warm hole full of light somewhere in Delmar, NY. Mastered by Larry DeVivo, Silvertone Mastering, Saratoga Springs, NY. Produced by Dewitt Chyo Damseph for WT3 Records and Monopolated Light & Power. Copyright 2008 Radical Plastical Music and WT3 Records. All rights reserved.


BRYAN THOMAS: 1369 Lights


1. Muse
2. Lights
3. Sticky
4. Sam
5. Kick
6. City
7. MotherJudge
8. Lights II

"Ah," I can hear you say, "so it was all a build-up to bore us with his buggy jiving. He only wanted us to listen to him rave!" But only partially true: Being invisible and without substance, a disembodied voice, as it were, what else could I do? What else but try to tell you what was really happening when your eyes were looking through? - Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man


Spy Love Box (2005)

spy love box

SPY LOVE BOX is the sequel/companion to Babylon: demos and bootlegs featuring Bryan on vocals and acoustic guitar and Jennifer on electric guitars. It was officially released July 30, 2005 to coincide with the premiere of the music video for the song 'Babylon,' directed by Los Angeles filmmaker Carl W. Liss for New York City-based Go Picture Productions.



1. Spy
2. Love (American Style)
3. Box
4. Harder
5. Beatitude
6. Julia
7. Babylon (reprise)
8. Out (unlisted)



Babylon (2004)


BABYLON is acoustic music from soul rock singer-songwriter Bryan Thomas. In the spirit of Prince's "The Truth" and Nirvana's "MTV Unplugged," Thomas strips down for seven songs inspired by bombs over Baghdad and the birth of a baby girl. Recorded live to tape on a Sunday in August at Silvertone Studios in Saratoga Springs. With Bryan Thomas (vox and guitar) Matthew Loiacono (drums) and Bob Buckley (bass), on loan from Albany punk bluegrass quartet Kamikaze Hearts. The album made the 2004 Top Ten lists of Greg Haymes (Times Union), John Brodeur (Metroland) and J. Eric Smith (Village Voice Paz and Jop).



1. Around (1)
2. Breathe
3. Nerve
4. Babylon
5. So
6. Holiday
7. Around (2)
8. Around (3)

Ones and Zeros (2002)

ones and zeros

Metroland's J. Eric Smith says: "ONES AND ZEROS stands strong as one of the most thoughtful, heart-tugging and hip-shaking records of the year. A near perfect depiction of that ethereal place where 'pop' and 'smart' aren't antonyms, and where the mind, soul and body can groove together without stepping on each others' toes, happy in the glow of fine, fine artistry and deep, deep passion - both of which Bryan Thomas displays like nobody's business."



1. Digital
2. Camera
3. When
4. Heart
5. Perfect
6. Jennifer
7. Be
8. Fallen
9. Holy
10. Shine
11. Then
12. Now



Radio Plastic Jennifer (1999)

radio plastic jennifer

The Times Union 's Greg Haymes says: "[RADIO PLASTIC JENNIFER] is a dazzling whirlwind of folk-funk, as Thomas tackles love and betrayal, sin and salvation, lollipops and lingerie. The songs are smart, erotically charged and full of heart -- an all-too rare combination. 'Six' for example, is a dizzying stream-of-consciouness slab of rock-rap with Thomas riffing on everything from 'The Wizard of Oz' to 'The 12 Days of Christmas,' from mood rings to junk bonds, from Loretta Lynn to Guns 'N Roses to Danny Partridge. 'Cycle' cuts even deeper, a tale of young African-Americans struggling against all odds to survive in a hostile world. An epic emotional rollercoaster of a song, Thomas descends from heartbreaking sorrow to bone-chilling terror before finally grabbing hold of a sliver of hope and redemption in the power of love. By the end of the song, he's chanting 'Everything's gonna be all right,' as though he can make it so solely through repetition and his sheer passion... Buy the CD... or get out of the house and see what he can do in person. You won't be disappointed."



1. Anymore
2. Closer
3. Six
4. Liquefy
5. Tiresias
6. Interview
7. Cycle
8. One-Four
9. Watchtower
10. Smiling
11. Nomo
12. Six (acoustic)
13. Mama



Wafers and Wine (1997)

wafers and wine

The Times Union 's Greg Haymes says: "Ever wonder what it would sound like if you could fuse together the boho folk of Joni Mitchell and the renegade funk of Prince? Well, maybe not. But Albany singer-songwriter Bryan Thomas certainly has, and on his hot new six-song cassette, Wafers & Wine , the result is mesmerizing. I haven't taken his home-brewed tape out of my cassette player since I got it, and whether it's Thomas' own tunes (including two versions of 'Apt. D' and a rendition of 'Disconnect' recorded live on WAMC-FM) or an epic interpretation of Mitchell's 'Black Crow,'' Thomas does it all right. "




1. apartment d (mother mary mix)
2. sundays
3. disconnect


4. sea change
5. black crow
6. apartment d (mephistopheles mix)


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